Discover Korea more: know its interesting clothing

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Every country has its own traditional clothes. These are clothes that originated from the particular country before any influence of modern fashion sets into affect it. Traditional clothes are always interesting as it differs from other countries. The materials used, how to wear it or in what occasion should you wear it are considerations to make when talking about the traditional clothes. In each country, they also have different techniques in sewing or making clothes.

A Korea traditional clothes that are well known is the hanbok but there is also a different set of clothing’s native to the country. They clothes for women only and also for male only. The have their own set of headgear, footwear and also the accessories. Let us begin with the pants called Baji. Going to the lower part that is a skirt but also comes with the short jacket is called the Chima. For women, they use Dangui for special occasions in the time of the Joseon dynasty.

For a male, there is the Durumagi, Garot (suitable for everyday use that was dyed using the persimmons that are not yet ripe) and Gwanbok that is used mainly for business suits for government officials that carry a rank badge. The Jeogori that can be worn by a female or male person. The Jokki is a vest and Jeonbok is for the use or clothing of military.  Every producers or manufacturer need to have jokki for good operation status.