Korean designers who have imprint their influence

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Some Korean designers have already had exposure to the international scene of fashion. Some of them participated in fashions shows like Tokyo and in Paris. At the time that they have support from their own government, they have made their contribution to fashion in the global stage. They are given encouragement by their government but this lessened when they experienced a crisis in the economy. As they are now in a good situation and economy stabilized, the government again gives their support to these aspiring fashion designers to be recognized globally.

Let us see some of the designers who have imprinted their own influence in the fashion industry. One is Lee Shin Woo who has experience in Tokyo collection. She also participated in Paris when they had a ready to wear fashion show. She has her own brand of a clothing line that focuses on ready made in the year 1974 and in the year 1992 she also established her brand of Moon Young Hee. Next designer is Andre Kim who specializes in designing wedding and evening gowns.

Next is Lie Sang-Bong who represents Korean fashion in pret-a-porter. He has already a collection of his own designs that was shown to fashion shows and achieved rewards for his designs. The married designers Steve J & Yoni P have their own style of clothes collection that many young people want and desire at this present time. They are not the one who has the soft design version but they prefer rebellious kind.