How they help fashion designers show their talents

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Korean supports their designers to be able to compete in the international arena. They have the history of strongly encouraging their designers before but it was just lessened when they have experienced the financial burden or the crisis that happened in the country. Nowadays, their support is back and it is a good for a government to do it. The designers who cannot put their roots in the local fashion industry are reaching into the global industry. They held events and shows to support the fashion industry and the designers in their chosen field.

They have Seoul fashion week that they hold in the country for two times during the spring or summer and during fall or winter. The city government sponsors the event and held for the month of March and the October. If you want to witness this event you can schedule your vacation at the said months.  In the event, they feature three parts of the fashion week.  One is the generation next category that shows the fashion designs of designers that have experience of fewer than five years.

The other part is the Seoul collection that presents the largest collection of fashion of Korean. It is one big event in the fashion week. The other event is the Seoul fashion fair that is reserved for Korean companies to showcases their fashion collections. Aside from this, they have competition and other exhibitions. Those with home design skill can get ideas from these shows like the color.