Trending Winter Fashion: Korea

Fashion and style varies from an individual to another. Even if it is the same style but actually the look and personality is different.


What fashion or style is trending when winter comes? Basically, sweaters are always present. It is a basic item for winter in Korea. It is paired with pants or skirts (for women), with leggings (usually black), knee length skirts and walker shoes. These walker shoes are usually in color black and it is very thick. In fact, it is essential during winter also to protect your body from the cold temperature. Koreans love furry clothes also so they wear coats with fur all over it.

Jackets and coats are usually the style during winter. But there are a lot of variations. It could be the design, style, color, cuts, lines, fabric and so on.

Women usually use trench coats. It is a waterproof cotton. Made up of linen or cardigan (light weight). The trench coat can be paired with any kind of dress or pants. It can be used for formal look or casual look depending on the length. For formal look, longer in length is preferably used and shorter in length for casual look.

For men, jackets are the style and fashion such as bomber jacket or rider jacket. They are usually thick and made up of leather. These fashion clothes actually embody the essence of cool. It makes men hot too. It can give a formal or casual look like that of the trench coat, the length is usually until wrist and until waist.

Korean fashion and style for winter is more on loose and comfortable outfit rather than skinny and tight ones.